The most scalable, private and decentralized digital currency

Meet Nevocoin, the future of digital payments.

Why Nevocoin?

Blazing fast

It's no longer necessary to wait hours for your transactions to confirm.

Nevocoin is immune to Replace-By-Fee: transactions with no confirmations are less likely to be cancelled by an attacker.

And in case you want extra security, one confirmation only takes 2 minutes.

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Thanks to its fast mining algorithm, PruningPLUS, Bulletproofs+, and many other optimization techniques, Nevocoin is one of the most scalable blockchains while still providing an excellent degree of anonymity.

Nevocoin's RandomNEVO algorithm enables infinite scalability with parallel multi-core verification.

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ASIC resistant

Nevocoin employs a custom mining algorithm based on random code execution to ensure a fair hashrate distribution.

Consumer processors (CPUs) are the best hardware for mining NEVO.

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Most cryptocurrencies are transparent: anybody in the world can track your funds and possibly correlate them with your private life.

Nevocoin is completely anonymous and untraceable by default with its multi-layered privacy features.

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The first NPoW blockchain

Nevocoin is the first blockchain to successfully implement NPoW, a new consensus system which increases the security compared to classic Proof of Work systems.

Every 4 blocks (8 minutes), the blockchain is signed by a Notary Node, effectively protecting the blockchain from 51% attacks.

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September 2023
Launch of the project
  • Idea was born
  • Main website
  • RandomNEVO algorithm
  • Mainnet launch
  • Desktop wallet
October 2023
First Big Steps
  • Checkpoint updates
  • Trading begins on exchanges
  • Listing on Coinpaprika & others
  • Better blockchain pruning
Nov-Dec 2023
Even better tech
  • Web wallet
  • Decentralized pool mining (N2Pool)
  • New website
  • Release v0.2
Jan-Feb 2024
The journey continues
  • NPoW (Notarized Proof of Work) consensus
  • v0.3 release
  • More exchange listings
Fight to Decentralize
  • Enforce solo/N2Pool mining
  • Mobile wallet development







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